Saturday, May 13, 2017

Saturday Song Share - Songs for My Brother

For my brother's birthday every year here at Yellow Dog Patrol we review some of what I've recently downloaded and is on heavy musical rotation.  While this used to be accompanied with an iTunes gift of the same selection, these now need to be downloaded manually.  

Apple jerks.

I digress.  In no particular order, here is some juicy music that's been rolling around my ears of late:

  • "When My Train Pulls In" - Gary Clark Jr.  Fantastic new blues.  Lots of critical comparisons to Jimi, but he definitely has his own style.  Shows that the blues will never, ever be out of style
  • "Tear It Down" - Spoon  These guys have been making really interesting since the early '90's.  They're still incredibly relevant, and this is just one example of their unique, timeless style
  • "It's Been A While Since I Was Your Man" - Matthew Goode  I know he's a flaming lefty, and is one of the worse offenders of the "shut up and sing" rules, but damn, he can write fine music.  Would love to see him live.  Minus all the hate of righties, of course
  • "Love Like Crazy" Jessica Lee Wilkes  Got that great 50's rockabilly vibe that never seems to go out of style.  Sounds a touch like Amy Winehouse
  • "Grandview" - John Mellencamp  On his previous album, he sounded terrible.  I thought for sure his career was over.  Then I saw him in concert, and he sounded amazing.  Now comes this release.  John Cougar is back.  Wow.  Sounds awesome.
  • "As I Walk Away" - Yuck  Another really strong effort from one of my favorite newer bands
  • "A Feather's Not a Bird" Rosanne Cash  Just saw her sing this live last week up here in DL's incredible theater.  Hard to believe that an artist like her would play such a venue.  This one won her multiple Grammys.  Deservedly so.
  • "Madonna of the Wasps" - Neko Case  She has one of the best and most distinctive voices in music right now.  I just love her sound.
  • "Soldier's Angel" - Stevie Nicks  Got a lot of help from Lindsay Buckingham on this.  Just an incredible song on so many levels.  
  • "Broken Halos" - Chris Stapleton  This is what country music should sound like in 2017.  Too bad this is the rare exception, instead of the rule
  • "PTP" - Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears  This is what soul music should sound like in 2017.  Funky!
  • "Nobody Speak" - DJ Shadow  Questionable lyrics, but sound is totally addicting
  • "Feel It Still" - Portugal. The Man  Totally fun funky vibe.  Best driving song of the entire mix.  Watch for cops.
  • "Crazy" - Pylon  Perhaps my favorite REM song covered by one of my favorite new bands.  Good version, good cover.
  • "Overture" - Dave Grohl and Friends  As you know, I'm a huge Foos fan, as well as a huge Rush fan.  Combine the two?  Rock out, my brother.
  • "Name on a Matchbook" Springtime Carnivore  We get to the catchiest hook in the mix.  This one will have you whistling along.
  • "Summerland"  Everclear  These guys are out touring the 20th anniversary of this album, which seems hard to wrap my head around.  "Just a name on the map - sounds like heaven to me."
  • "Little Queenie"  Chuck Berry  I know a lot of this song was cobbled together from Chuck's other stuff, but if you're borrowing from yourself, and you're a genius, who cares?  Meanwhile...
  • "Everything is Broken" Bob Dylan  The thing I admire so much about Dylan is his rhyming.  There are so many times he could use the obvious connection but does something unexpected.  It's one of the things that makes him so great.
  • "Whiskey, Beer, and Wine" - Buddy Guy  We close with the blues, with a man who is still out there and killing it.  
Happy birthday to my brother!

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