Sunday, May 15, 2016

Fr. Don Provides Lots to Chew On

Fr. Don, in his post from yesterday, provided some really thought-provoking stuff for me.  In two simple paragraphs, he packs a lot.  Hence, I'd like to share it here in its entirety:

"Since you have been raised up in the company with Christ..., be intent on things above rather than on things on earth. After all, you have died! Your life is hidden now with Christ in God" (Colossians 3:1-2). Christian belief that by our faith and baptism the risen Christ is already living in and operative in us is the encouraging framework within which we can see the less appetizing facts of life. If we are sorrowing because of enduring disagreements in the family, pain and illness, difficult financial circumstances, Colossians encourages us to still have a deep down confidence that God will enable us to live through this. If our faith makes others ignore us or consider us out of touch, even attack us, that is all a sharing in the cross of Christ which precedes a full resurrection.

Being risen with Christ, in other words, is no simple cure-all for serious, even desperate human situations. But it can encourage us to hope and trust that God does not mean this desperate situation to be the end, that God can, with the available human resources, help us through this, even bring good from it. Faith in Christ and our share in His risen life do not take us out of the mess and misery of human life. It offers us a way through all this with hope and strength. Celebrating Christ's presence at the Eucharist under the forms of such simple things as bread and wine reminds us that even amid the agony, discouragement, and drudgery of daily life we have God-given strength for facing them.

I hope you found something in these words like I did, and I hope you have a great Sunday

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