Wednesday, February 17, 2016

My First AR

I've wanted an AR (let's call it what it is - an assault rifle) for a long time now.  The more the world gots stupid and the more our politicians followed suit, the more I wanted one.  Not because I needed one per se.  More because others really REALLY didn't want me to have one.  Plus, over the years, I've had two coyotes stalk me as I was trying to call in a turkey (evidently I sounded good enough for someone looking for a dinner, but not good enough for someone looking for a date).  The coyotes are hell on our pheasants and a danger to our dogs, but unfortunately both got wind of me before I could get them in shotgun range.  Hence, I wanted something to help clean up our overpopulation.   

Fast forward to today.  We had an offer at work that was too good to pass up on a high quality platform.  My cost was well below my company's cost, plus they were throwing in a $50 gift card.  Hence, I failed to check with my wife (sorry honey), and I went to our closest store and picked out this beauty:

It came with the six magazines (wow - generous!) and a really nice padded tactical bag.  Beyond that, it is constructed impeccably.  It is a top of the line from Scott Arms, and lacks nothing - ergo grip, flash suppressor, dust cover, feeder - you name it, it has it.  It's chambered for the NATO 5.56mm, but can also cycle the Remington .223, so it has versatility from that perspective.

I tricked it out with the front hand hold and with a sporty little red dot sight. It was really fun to put together, and it has plenty more rails from which to hang additional accessories.  It was kind of like LEGOS for old guys, and you could see how someone could totally get into it. 

I won't be able to shoot if for a couple of weeks, but that's OK.  I'll definitely be taking it with me in the turkey blind this year.

Next time, those coyotes are going to be in for a little surprise.  

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