Wednesday, December 2, 2015

What is Going On?

As we close in on 2015, our world is in a complete shambles.  Don't believe me?  Consider the following:

  • We're as close to a shooting war with Russia that we've been since the Cuban missile crisis.  If the Russians hit Turkey hard, we'll either need to stand up to our NATO obligations and defend them or let them get run over.  Given Obama, the latter will likely apply, and that sets a nasty precedent both in terms of how we treat our NATO allies and how we react to Russia.  Our enemies will now fear us less and our allies fear us more.
  • Race relations are at their worst since the late 1960's.  Police are being challenged and, in some instances, flat out murdered.  The cops are not blameless, and as we've seen in video in Chicago, murderers are in their ranks as well.
  • ISIS runs rampant and has extended their sphere of terror, murder, and rape across continents.  Our nation's response has been to demand that we accept refugees, deride those that want that policy vetted, and focus on "climate change" as the most compelling subject to be addressed.  
  • Planned Parenthood is caught red-handed selling baby body parts, but a dutiful media and Democrat party sweeps their mess under the rug.  When a clearly mentally ill shoots up a clinic, they're now the spotless victims.
  • Colleges have moved from being places of higher learning to places of hive-mentality and mental immaturity.  
Everywhere you look is hate, violence, death, destruction, and pain on a slow simmer.  Is it just more, or does it feel that with just a little bit more heat this slow simmer will soon completely boil over?

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