Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Black Lives Matter to Disrupt Twin Cities Marathon

This Sunday, over 11,000 runners will take the the streets of the Twin Cities to participate in a marathon.  It is a race that required a massive amount of preparation.  Countless miles, dealing with injuries, untold hardships, and personal suffering will all be rewarded by a marathon finish.  For some looking to parlay their investment to a higher payoff, they're looking to run a quick enough time to qualify for the elite Boston Marathon.

There's only one problem - the Black Lives Matter movement is actively threatening to disrupt the race.  So all you racers that sacrificed and suffered so much for your marathon?  Screw you.  Black lives matter.

What does a marathon have to do with Black Lives?  Well, can you think of a more privileged pursuit than running?  Likewise, have you ever seen a running crowd?  Talk about a lack of diversity.  Hence these people need to pay up and recognize that Black Lives Matter. 

If this truly does happen, and if the cops remain intimidated to do anything (so as not to appear racist), I do know how the runners are going to react, and it won't be pretty.  There will literally be blood in the streets.

There are aspects of our society that are dying for a race war.  Surprisingly, it's not the KKK or some other white hate group.

It's a black hate group.

Good look, Minnesota.  Looks like you're going to need it.

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