Friday, July 17, 2015

Marine Corps Museum

I was fortunate to spend yesterday at the Marine Corps Museum.  Unbeknownst to me, I was doing so at the same time as 4 Marines were being murdered for being Marines.

My time at the Museum was quite emotional.  It was equal parts feelings of awe and inadequacy.  So much accomplishment and so much bravery.  Even just getting through basic training is a massive accomplishment, and when stacked against my resume, makes me wonder.

I was moved to tears a number of time during my visit there.  A couple of things that got me:

  • Four Navy sailors that were camped out in front of the display of Marine Medal of Honor recipients.  Their quiet reverence was special to see.
  • A Norman Rockwell painting of a Marine hero.  Is there anything or anybody like Rockwell anymore - someone who unabashedly loves this country?  How sad.
  • A display of a Marine dog that served with distinction and decoration in Iraq, and who was killed in action.  Arguably that dog did more in his couple of years than I have in 50.
  • A display of an I-beam from the World Trade Center
  • The famous flag that was raised on Iow Jima:

I was there for four hours, and could have been there a lot longer.  If in the DC area, go see the Marine Corps Museum.  You'll not be disappointed.

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