Wednesday, June 24, 2015

First Day of Work

On January 15 of this month, my position was eliminated and I lost my job.  It has been a hard slug, but I landed a job about a month ago, and am starting my new position today.

I've held a job most of my life.  I started with a paper route when I was 8, and worked pretty much the entire time through high school and college.  I've taken my work seriously; regardless of the job I held.  I always felt it important to provide a return on the investment that my employer was making on me.  

Today, that engagement begins anew with a new employer in a whole new location.  And I am so ready to go back to work that I can't wait.  While the work involved in a finding a new job (and make no mistake in that - it is damned hard work) and activity around some consulting I did helped bide my time, these past couple of weeks since my offer has been received and things have been brought to a stop on the job search have been long, long days.

I have a lot more to offer somebody, and I look forward to returning to a position as a productive member of society.  

Here we go...

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