Sunday, April 26, 2015

Entertainment Trumps News

Here is an explanation from CNN as to why they chose to cover the White House Correspondents' Dinner over real news like the rioting in Baltimore:

A mere 45 miles away from the party, the unwashed were looting and raging with police.  The situation was so bad that officials asked that people attending the Baltimore baseball game not leave, as it was too dangerous for them outside of the safety of the stadium.

What is going on with our country?  It is bad enough that this event has evolved into an SNL episode, but to do so by making cozy those that are in power with those that should be speaking truth to said power just reeks to high heaven.  But then to layer on this gratuitous self-congratulatory behavior while a city a short car ride away riots is just sickening.

The President telling jokes is what CNN thinks is important, and that begs the question: what, and more importantly who, are these jokes and skits for?  

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