Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hillary Clinton is Done

In an astonishing display of lying, Hillary Clinton got out in front of a group of the media yesterday, and via hand-picked questions, told us the following:

  • Oh, yes, she did delete emails, but those were all deemed by her as "personal."  30,000 of them.  We'll not have access to these - they're deleted.  We'll need to trust her.  
  • She needed her own server and system, outside of the government, because she didn't want to carry two devices.  Never mind the fact that one device can access a myriad number of email accounts.  And never mind that she's been on TV stating that she does indeed use multiple devices.
The magnitude of these lies are beyond the pale.  She flat out doesn't care, and doesn't expect to get called on it.  She's Hillary Clinton.  And the public will forget, and really doesn't care anyway.  She's going to be the first woman president.

The camel's back has to break some time, and the magnitude and audacity of her latest lies will prove to be too much.  This will not go away, this can't be waived off with a brush of the hand and the utterance of a "right wing conspiracy," and eventually the electorate will tire of the goat rodeo that is Clinton behavior.

This is the end.  It's over.  She may indeed win the Democratic nomination, but she will not be president.


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