Monday, October 6, 2014

Back Online

Things have been pretty much in free fall here in YDP land these past three weeks of my hiatus, but at least the most important thing - the health of my wife - appears to be coming into order.  With that, I feel like I can get back to trying to contribute something written to the world on a daily basis again.  There is a lot of ground to cover and things I want to get off of my chest, especially around my wife's journey with cancer, and what being on this side of that illness is like.  We'll be reviewing it in detail in future posts, so stick around if you're of a mind.

Here in Wisconsin, the weather has turned cold, and the 80's we enjoyed just a weekend ago now seem a distant memory.  The leaves are at their peak, the acorn crop the best I've ever seen, and the squirrels appear quite content with the changing season.  They're about the only ones, as our ten day forecast doesn't have us getting out of the 50's at all.  Goodbye, summer.  You will be missed.

Thanks for bearing with me as I got my feet back underneath me.  Now, off to more politics, music, sports, and things that appeal to yellow dogs and those that patrol with them.


  1. Firstly I am glad to see that you are back online. I find much joy in your posts, and have for some time since a post a few years back on Tennessee Squires. I found you after my quest on information about becoming a squire , (something i am still in search of 2 years later!,)after I was named a Kentucky Colonel. I am glad to hear your wife's improvement, my father is going through cancer treatment as well. Faith will get us through. Family is what is important, but again glad to see you are back! If you ever desire to attempt to become a KY know who to ask for a nomination! Continued prayers for you and your family.

  2. Thanks for the kind comments, Matt. Did I put you in for a squire? I get a lot of requests, and Jack doesn't accept every one, but I'm not sure I remember your nomination specifically.

  3. I have never been fortunate enough to even be nominated, so that could explain why you don't remember. As an artist, I have dedicated many works of art to Jack, and being a KY Colnl I have spent a good amount of time in Lynchburg while moving through the South. Wether the #7, or the Green label, or even on a special occasion the gentleman or the single barrel, I always have him on hand for a celebration. If I was to get a nomination, I would be thankful, and it would be a huge step to fulfill a lifelong family goal. With my dads recent issues it'd be a huge boost to show him Lynchburg as a Squire! I'd love to share some of my art with you sometime.


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