Thursday, July 10, 2014

Fake Soccer Injuries

While it is a cliche, it is still true for me as a sometime soccer watcher - the massive amount of fake injuries are distracting.  Extremely distracting.  They are for me based on two things:

1) They kill momentum and take up so much time.  The writhing, holding ones head in ones hands, obligatory spraying of the owie with some kind of "make it all feel better" spray, and Lazarus-like recovery take forever.  

2) As a product of American sports, especially football, we're coached to not show pain, and when it occurs that one is expected to play through it.  It becomes a badge of pride and an example of "toughness" that is part and parcel of what the American ideal used to be.  Hence, even though I get the game of soccer and how it is played (both by the rules and by the mores), there is still an emotional part of me, upon seeing a barely-touched player crumpling on the ground that still says to myself, "What a wuss..."

So with that, let's extend the cliche the whole way and enjoy the following:

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