Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Quick Trip to New Orleans

Last week I was fortunate to have a conference in my favorite city in the world (outside of Minneapolis): New Orleans.  It was a quick trip, but I was still able to get a lot completed:

 The trip starts in the cab, where you are reminded not to kill a taxicab driver.  Yikes.

 Here is just one of the many riverboats that tour the Mississippi

I did quite a bit of running in the city while I was down there.  It was good in the respect that New Orleans is extremely flat, and by running in the French Quarter, there is plenty to see.  Here I am with Andrew Jackson in Jackson Square, for example.  The bad is that it was damned hot and humid, which made running hard.  Really, really hard.  I'm not sure how folks do it.

The reward for all of that running.  Here are New Orleans barbecue crab claws from the Red Fish Grill.   If there is a better appetizer in the Big Easy, I've not found it.

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