Thursday, September 6, 2012

Democrats Lie to You, Themselves

This has been getting a lot a publicity lately, and rightly so.  The DNC has removed the word "God" from their formal platform, as well as official recognition of "Jerusalem."  Sensing this would impact the independent vote, higher ups (Obama was said to be involved) quickly made a motion to amend the platform to correct these omissions.

It was to be a simple process.  Unfortunately, the delegates disagreed:

Lessons learned?
  • It is obvious what many (a majority?) of DNC delegates really think about the subjects
  • It was obvious that the outcome of the vote didn't matter.  What did was the accommodation of the message by the delegates, regardless of what they really believe.
At the DNC, you can't believe your lying ears.  Ever. 

That wasn't corruption on display.  That was democracy!

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