Monday, December 13, 2010

Green Bay Blizzard

The blizzard of the century hit over the weekend, ostensibly shutting down Minnesota and Wisconsin for nearly two days.   

Until now, we've enjoyed a snow-free December, but that ended with a vengeance as Mother Nature hit with a one-two-three punch of snow, wind, and cold.   

We personally got through it just fine.  I went out for provisions on Saturday morning, so we had nowhere to go save for mass on Sunday, and if our church was like most of the others in the area, services were canceled anyway.  Snowblowing was a chore in the 35-45mph wind, and my biggest drifts were 4 feet, but with patience I made it though.  The rest of the day was spent hunkered down with football and gumbo.  

 It looks like we're just faced with cold the rest of the week, with more snow on tap for the weekend.  I just hope we don't have our holiday travel plans interrupted.    

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