Sunday, July 11, 2010

Trigeminal Neuralgia - Floored

It has been a good six months since my last update, which is a good thing. Frankly, there's not been much to offer as an update. The Trigeminal Neuralgia is still present, but has been under control and manageable these past months.

Unfortunately, all of that changed last Saturday.

I've been inconsistent on taking my Carbamazepine at night, and with an incredible load of current stress (stress is a notorious trigger for me), I found myself on the floor on Saturday afternoon due to pain. This was the worst pain episode since first diagnosis, and was acutely horrible. Thankfully, sleep turns off the pain somehow - the only benefit for this malady - and I was able to get in two naps during the day to provide a path through the really bad stuff. Ever since, I've been left with a dull ache like I've been hit on the left side of my head, but things are definitely better. I'm doing what I can to address the stress, and hopefully things resolve themselves on that front in a couple of weeks. I'm also a believer now in staying on top of my meds, so hopefully before too awful long I can get to where I was just a couple of days ago.

Man, this stuff sucks.

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