Thursday, January 30, 2020

Winter Blues

While I'm less than two weeks removed from an incredible hunting trip with family in Louisiana, the glow has worn off.  Or you could say it has frozen off.

Late January in northern Minnesota is brutal.  Every day is the same, and it's the same because we can't go outside.  The days are getting longer, which helps, but the snow is up to your crotch, ice and snow are everywhere, and there is just this cold that feels endless.

It's amazing how limited one becomes when being outdoors isn't an option.  Sure, we can go to the movie, church, work, club, etc., but it just feels so limiting.  

We'll be in the mid 30's this weekend, and I'm looking forward to a rare January outdoor run, provided I don't break my neck on the ice.

I miss my patio, my grill, my boat, my lake, my grass, the whole damn thing.  

Hurry it up, Spring.

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