Tuesday, January 14, 2020

LSU - National Champions

In a highly entertaining game, the LSU Tigers defeated Clemson 42-25.  The game was close for a half - indeed, with Clemson jumping to a quick lead, it appeared that the Bayou Bengals my have their dream season end in a nightmare.  Those concerns quickly faded as the defense settled down, and Burrow heated up.

The net result was domination.  Not to the level of LSU's playoff game against Oklahoma, but the second half was one of LSU exerting their will on an overmatched opponent.  

What a great season!  Between Coach O's back story, to Burrow's Heisman season, to being able to play their Championship game at the Superdome, to their undefeated record, we may have seen one of the greatest football teams in history.  

It couldn't happen to a nicer coach, couldn't happen to a nicer star QB, and couldn't happen to a nicer community.  

Congratulations, LSU nation.  You are National Champions.  Hard earned, and well deserved. 

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