Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Minnesota Twins Spring Training Games - The Good and Bad

Having just returned from Florida and having attended two spring training games while down there, I wanted to pen what I felt was good and bad about the experience while it was still fresh.

The Good

  • Hammond Stadium - The place feels new, is clean as a whistle, feels intimate, and has great sight lines.  The only down side is that it does not have a lot of shade. Pretty much that's the only bad thing about it.
  • Player Proximity - Given the field layout, one has really good proximity to the players.  You really feel part of the on-the-field experience.
  • Spring Baseball - It is just so damned nice to be outside in March and watching baseball in your t-shirt.
  • Foul Ball Odds - Players are throwing balls into the stands left and right.  I even ended up with one (and summarily handed it off to the kid that missed it in front of me).  If your kid wants a ball from a player, depending on where you sit, your odds are good.
  • Beer Selection - I'm a beer snob, and their selection was great - both with local brews, as well as imported Twin Cities craft beers (Fulton had a significant presence).
  • Parking - It's an easy in and out, and while the $10 seems a little much, it really is hassle-free.
  • Help - People that work at Hammond Stadium seem genuinely happy.  Smiles will greet you and there's always a good word.  It is an awesome, pleasant experience.

The Bad
  • The Game - It's not really a game.  Top tier players don't play much, and some of them will dog it down to first on an easy out, so it's not a pure pro game.
  • Beer Prices - Ouch.  Bring lots of cash.
Obviously, the good far outweighs the bad, and a trip to Fort Myers to see the Twins is a fantastic time.  For any true Twins fan it is really is bucket-list type stuff.


  1. The situation is a lot different once the Twins leave. Most of the games are at night. The prices are really, really low. Thursday's Ft Myers Miracle opener is a "Thirsty Thursday", beer prices are $1 and $2. Tuesday is usually two for Tuesday were literally everything except merchandise is two for the price of one.

    And, during the season the foul balls to customers are almost 1-1.

    Minor league baseball is a fun night and inexpensive to boot.

  2. People that work at Hammond Stadium seem genuinely happy. Smiles will greet you and there's always a good word. It is an awesome, pleasant experience.
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