Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Magic Minnesota Sports Weekend

For a Minnesota sports fan, it doesn't get better than what we just experienced over the past long weekend.  Consider:

  • On Wednesday night, Gopher hoops took down a very good Washington team on their last shot, and the Wild got past Ottawa
  • On Friday, the Wild came back from being down 2-0 in the third period to beat nemesis Winnipeg 4-2
  • On Saturday, Gopher football beat Bucky at Camp Randall, SJU won its playoff game, and the Irish (not Minnesotan, but everyone loves the Irish) came back from a 14 point deficit to take care of USC
  • Sunday night the Vikes took care of the Packers on Sunday Night Football
What are the odds of this?  Let's do some math!

  • Gophers over Washington 40%
  • Wild over Ottawa 66%
  • Wild over Winnipeg 50%
  • Gophers over Bucky 20%
  • SJU wins 90%
  • Irish over USC 85%
  • Vikes over Pack 66%
  • Total chance of this happening - 1.33%!
Lots to give thanks for, indeed!

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