Sunday, November 25, 2018


As Thanksgiving comes to a close and the last of leftovers find their demise, there's still a glow of thankfulness they impart.  The blessings of having more than enough to eat are an obvious one, but they also allude to the friends and family that have gathered around us to partake in the incredible bounty.  

The feast leads to conversations - an engagement that happens all too infrequently in our hyper-connected and hyper-scheduled days.  The feast also leads to physiological impacts as well; mainly in the form of naps!  However, they're not just naps induced by a full belly.  They're naps also fueled by the contentment of a heart that is equally as full.

As the last of your feast gets consumed and space finally opens back up in your refrigerator, my fervent hope is that the meals those leftovers afforded provided you all with something far greater than just something good to eat.

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