Monday, November 6, 2017

Thinoptics Comes Through

There are a lot of things to dislike about ageing.  Perhaps the biggest one is not being able to read anymore without glasses.  I went from having incredible eyesight to Mother Nature snapping her fingers and not being able to see a damn thing.  

It's super frustrating.  Beyond the challenges at work, reading menus, ingredients at the grocery store, deposit slips at the bank, or anything for that matter is an impossibility unless I have some glasses hanging from my nose.  And if I don't have those glasses?  I'm screwed.

Then I found Thinoptics.  Basically, if you have your phone, you have glasses.  Here is how they work:

Beyond their incredible utility, they get even better.  They have a lifetime guarantee.  So when you drop your phone and this happens:

all you do is email Thinoptics and a new pair is in the mail, no charge.

It's hard to describe how much this product has helped me.  I'm now on my second case and third set of glasses, all for my original fee.

This product is flat amazing.  

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