Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Drinksgiving? Friendsgiving?

The StarTribune published an article today on the rise of "Drinksgiving."  It is the night before Thanksgiving where people get together with friends at bars and get loaded.  It's the biggest night of drunken behavior of the year; bigger than New Year's Eve, bigger than St. Patrick's day.


Also on the rise is the celebration of "Friendsgiving," where one eschews gathering with their families and chooses instead to gather with friends to celebrate the holiday.

The media has been pushing a narrative for decades now that holidays with family are something to be survived - like a battle in a war.  They're spent with people that disgust us, usually because of their political views, but there are other reasons as well.  Hence, there's just no need to put up with the discomfort of people that are so wrong, and different, and, to call it what it truly is, hated.

So go drinking with your friends instead.  Your family sucks.

How sad.  I cherish my time with my family.  It's way too rare, and I love the time we're able to spend together.  Do we have differences?  Of course, every family does.  But we also have a common bond that keeps us together that is stronger than the desire to drown our perceived slights with our friends.

I hope that bond continues to last.

In the meantime, I find the trends of how our families are viewed as heartbreaking.

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