Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Fake Outrage on the Election "Hack"

The left is whipped up into an orgy of outrage over the presidential election results.  With their worldview, they can't even consider that any kind of vote result could have prevented Clinton from not being president, so they conjure up images of vast amounts of "alt-rights" motivated to vote for the first time, and Russian spies taking over our electoral system.

What folly!  All of this outrage, derived from a group that felt (and still feels) that Clinton having a server filled with national secrets in her basement is no big deal.  Hey, liberals, either security matters or it doesn't.  Pick one and go with it.  

As for blaming the Russians, things get even richer.  Let me help by paraphrasing President Obama from the 2012 elections: "The 1980's called, and they want their conspiracy theories back."  

Hopefully, we'll be running out of straws to grasp here shortly, and we can finally move on to "acceptance."

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  1. Blaming the Russians for this issue is equivalent to blaming Woodward and Bernstein for Watergate. Even if the Russians are the hackers, and that hasn't been proven by a mile, if the electorate were swayed by the "hacking" it was swayed because of the awful and stupid things Democratic operatives were emailing amongst each other.

    THe emails demonstrated a conceit for the average American, a glorified sense of entitlement to their power and wealth, and hypoctical world views not in compliance with the care and sensitivity they tried to portray.

    THere also was evidence of financial and political malfeasance.

    Content matters.


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