Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Somali Immigrant on Murderous Spree at The Ohio State University

Another incident in which a nice, peaceful immigrant went a little askew occurred again yesterday.  His plan of mowing down people in his car after pulling the fire alarm was ingenious, but resulted in not nearly enough infidel deaths.  However, we shouldn't worry, as this was undoubtedly an isolated incident, and Islam is a religion of peace.

We pretty much knew right away that this was Islamic terrorism once the story broke, didn't we?  Any time there is a story of this magnitude, but one in which the perp is not immediately described, much less named, you can pretty much guarantee that a guy screaming " allahu akbar" will ultimately be the guy behind it.  That certainly was the case in the "breaking" news yesterday.

When are we going to call Islam what it is - a religion not of peace, but of brutality, death, and subjugation?


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