Sunday, November 20, 2016

Fire Brian Kelly

I know that Brian Kelly has restored the football program to levels that Notre Dame has not seen since Lou Holtz.  I get it.  But something has turned with this program.  Mental mistakes abound.  Players don't play hard.  Plays are called which have zero chance of achieving what they need to achieve.  Penalties are everywhere.  As a result, the Irish flat suck this year.

That is hard to write, but true: The Irish flat suck.

Behind it all stands a red-faced, yelling Brian Kelly, and despite all that yelling and scowling are the players that aren't playing for him or the program anymore.  Hence, it is now time for Kelly to go, especially with a coach like Les Miles looking for a job.

Fire Kelly.  Hire Miles.

That actually felt good to write... 

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