Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Vikings Currently Best Team in NFC

With their prime-time destruction of the New York Giants behind them, the Minnesota Vikings made one thing very clear to the rest of the league - that they're currently the cream of the NFC.

In three straight weeks, this team rendered moot Aaron Rogers, Cam Newton, and Eli Manning and the four Super Bowl rings they share.  The Vikes also put up enough points to ensure victory each time.

Are they perfect?  No.  Blair Walsh is not a confident kicker, and as such is not a good kickers.  He can't be counted on to win games, and there likely will be a future situation in which he costs them a win.  However, they're pretty darned close to perfect.  They're getting contributions from pretty much everyone, aren't turning the ball over, aren't taking many penalties at all, and have continued to drive forward despite the loss of their starting QB and former MVP RB.

Mike Zimmer is showing himself as one special coach - a man that gets the most out of his staff, and of his team.  This team totally reflects that.

Enjoy the ride, Purple Faithful.  It sure looks like these are special times.

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