Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Birthday Blues

I've really struggled with my birthdays, and this year is no different.  The armchair psychologist in me thinks that the date manifests a review of the passing of time, and an audit of what has transpired.  That audit always comes up lacking.  I feel like I'm not where I should be be in my life.  My achievements seem scant, my happiness lacking, my satisfaction of who I am as husband, son, uncle, brother, boss, etc. non-existent.

It is really kind of crummy.  

It always gets better.  As I hear from loved ones, the day comes around a little.  Likewise, I hold out hope for something like this.  

Still, it's not the happy day that one would think it should be.


  1. Dude..... stop wrecking the 3 day interval I have being a year younger than you. Getting old sucks. I just spent Saturday hobbling around Universal Studios with my 12 year old and his friend on a gout foot. My fitbit said 12,000 steps, but I know I hobbled every one of them.

    But, as our good friend Ross Perot would say, here is the deal. The basis of your worry is false.

    Claiming that your achievements are scant is simply untrue. Sure, you dont have The House to lift you to Jackson Award glory anymore, but unless you are measuring your life by unrealistic standards your career has been very successful in adapting to the most cutting edge of retail marketing. More importantly, I know very few people that are as loyal and dedicated to their team as you are. That is an achievement in itself (not that my awards are all that meaningful), and I would kill to work with you again.

    ON the other front, again, I don't think that you are measuring your relationships on a realistic basis. Look at how your friends and family travel to be together for events like the LSU-Wisconsin football game. Those are the memories that you can hear echo for eternity. I know your family, and most of your friends, and you should not feel any lacking in your relationship with them. In the end, I am certain they will have no regrets that you were their son, brother, uncle, boss, friend, and most of all husband.

    Although we probably arent as close as we once were, I have known you for half of your life and the vast majority of your adult life. How long have I known you? The Twins phenom rookie pitcher, whose major leagues debut I invited you to but you had to wash your socks, has a son that is now older than his father was at that major league debut. That is a full generation. I certainly do not regret that day so long ago, when we were really just young men beginning our journey through life. So many things we know were unknown then. So many changes, good and bad, have happened in our lives. People we know, some of the primary people of our lives, we did not have even a vision of.

    Lastly, I know your dad would be so proud of you, and he would also be telling you to god damn buck up Mike. Think those damn Chinese guys are feeling sorry for themselves. They invented gunpowder god damn it.

  2. This made my day, House. Thanks for posting up


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