Sunday, August 23, 2015

Marines Save Countless Lives. Again.

In a story that has been woefully under-reported, two US Marines were on a passenger train travelling to France, when they noticed an individual acting strangely.  The individual went into the toilet on the train, and the unmistakable sound of an assault weapon being loaded (at least unmistakable to a Marine) was noted by the two servicemen.  Sure enough, the subject burst from the toilet armed with a Kalashnikov, an automatic pistol, and enough ammunition to meet out death to at least 100 innocent victims on the train.

Fortunately for all of those potential victims, there were those two Marines aboard the train.  The heroes immediately engaged the shooter, and using their bare hands, subdued him before too much mayhem and carnage could ensue.  Unfortunately for one Marine, he took a round to the neck, and is in guarded condition.

You can read a nice recap on the story here.

This brings to mind a very famous quote:

 "The safest place in Korea was right behind a platoon of Marines. 
Lord, how they could fight!"
-MGen. Frank E. Lowe, US Army; Korea, 26 January 1952.  

I think if you asked the folks on that train, they'd suggest that the safest place for them was right behind those two Marines.

Now, the real question: Why in the world is this not a front page story?  Think about that.

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