Friday, August 30, 2013

Obamacare Advertising Now at Football Games

While attending a Green Bay Packers game a couple of weeks ago, a native American gentleman handing me one of these from a large stack he was carrying:

Sorry for the crumpling - that was my initial reaction.

A couple of thoughts on this:
  • Have you ever seen an active (and multi-channel) advertising campaign for a piece of legislation that's already passed?
  • Where did the funding come from to print these materials, staff the Twitter account, and staff people handing these out at football games (and, I'm assuming, dozens if not hundreds of other places in the United States)?
  • Of all people, none have been so royally screwed over from the US government than native Americans.  From the loss of their land and their lives at America's inception and expansion, all the way up to policies that keep their people living in abject poverty today, time and time again the federal government destroys, literally and figuratively, native Americans.  For 200 years now.  But, still, here was this gentleman operating under the assumption that the government was going to take care of him.  
Incredibly sad.  All of it.

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  1. Ohhhhh man. Your first bullet point really hit home. Only this pathetic administration feels the need to still sell this socialized piece of crap to Americans. And with good reason. They know most of us do not support Nobamacare. Trust and believe you will continue to see this throughout the coming months and beyond. And as far as the Native American gentleman, as long as the lower income class in this country believe that all Republicans are rich, they will continue to support the Democrats til the death. So sad. The real truth is out there and we can only hope that instead of taking the government's word for it, those who are continually misled will one day seek out the facts. Keep the faith. We ain't done yet.


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