Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Lessons from Brother Lawrence

At our last family gathering, my brother-in-law gave me The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence, a 17th century monk.  He's most known for the tome above, and the concept it represents, which is a deep and intimate relationship with God.

I've started a new morning routine of mind, body and soul, where I get to the club for an early morning work out, read a chapter (or letter) from The Practice of the Presence of God, then conduct a 10 minute meditative sitting practice.  And, no surprise, in all aspects of my life, I just feel better.

Today's reading had a passage that really struck me, and I wanted to share it with you:

Yet, I think it is appropriate to tell you how I perceive myself before God, whom I behold as my King. I consider myself as the most wretched of men. I am full of faults, flaws, and weaknesses, and have committed all sorts of crimes against his King. Touched with a sensible regret I confess all my wickedness to Him. I ask His forgiveness. I abandon myself in His hands that He may do what He pleases with me. 

My King is full of mercy and goodness. Far from chastising me, He embraces me with love. He makes me eat at His table. He serves me with His own hands and gives me the key to His treasures. He converses and delights Himself with me incessantly, in a thousand and a thousand ways. And He treats me in all respects as His favorite. In this way I consider myself continually in His holy presence.

Personally, the first paragraph defines me perfectly.  Ah, but the second paragraph - that's that payoff.  And while I'm not there yet, that's what I aspire to achieve.

It's there for all of us.


  1. So as not to write a book, let me share something with you and all the readers of YDP. I've been up all night. Life is currently not gracious. I had a tire blowout the other day and have yet to successfully rescue my vehicle. I'm lucky to be alive and that should be good enough. This has been a very tough year in all aspects. Besides the aforementioned event, this year I've lost my father, finances are very trying, my health has been rocky, my mind is beyond stressed. I read your recent passage (must be one of the first to do so as it was only posted an hour ago). Even though my faith has been tested this year, your post has helped renew my thoughts. It will be a long road In getting back into God's good graces. I thank you for posting YPD. Keep em' coming.

  2. One more thought: although my wife may give me a hard time and we struggle at times with our differences and challenges, my dog doesn't judge. He never complains, he never yells at me, he never looks at me with a condescending eye, and he never ever faults me no matter what event occurs. He just loves. And for that I am forever indebted to him. If only all of us humans could possess that trait, imagine what kind of world we would live in.


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