Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Left's Assassination of Paula Deen

TV food icon and cooking star Paula Deen has been accused of racist activity by a former employee.  During a deposition about that activity, Deen denied the allegations, but admitted that she had used the "N" word in her past.

Immediately the left wing sharks in the political ocean smelled blood, and their opportunity to bring down a southern, white, religious dinosaur.  Corporate sponsors were identified, and they immediately reacted by summarily dropping Deen.  The Food Network, Sears, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Target, etc. all felt that their association with Deen was too risky to be maintained.  

And in land of liberal blogs, places like the Huffington Post are continuing to identify those companies that still have a relationship with Deen.  While they don't come straight out and ask for boycott, the implications are ridiculously obvious.

In the meantime, Alec Baldwin went on homophobic rants on Twitter (I won't post them as they're too vulgar, but if you really need to see them you can find them here).  Given Deen's left-ordered crucifixion, one could expect the similar treatment for Baldwin.  We should see stories on "the media" about his sponsorship deals and demands from an angry public to Capital One and others to end their relationship with him.

Instead?  Crickets.

Paula Deen has been attacked and brought down by the left for the simple reason of because they could.  The people running media, popular culture, and, regretfully, our government are the social equivalent of a pack of popular girls in junior high.  Their little clique and their prevailing mindset is something with which to be kowtowed and feared.  

Baldwin?  He's an original member of the mean girls.  Deen?  She's just another victim to be bullied for the pure sport of it. 

Woe be to any others that dare fall into their sights.   

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