Sunday, June 9, 2013

Out of Control Obama Administration

Another week, another scandal involving a massive unconstitutional use of power by the executive branch.  The breaking news (not from a traditional US journalist source, mind you, as they are loathe to criticize the administration) that the PRISM project is culling massive amounts of data from US citizens is just the latest.

Consider the track record of this administration:

  • Ran an illegal operation to smuggle guns into Mexico, likely under the pretext of garnering support for anti-gun legislation.  The guns ended up being used to kill an American law officer.
  • Failed to provide adequate support to an American consulate (which was screaming for it), failed to adequately support the consulate and its personnel when it came under attack, and then proceeded to lie to the American people about the whole enchilada.  All because it was politically expedient to do so.
  • Encouraged an closeness between itself and the IRS, a group that just happened to intimidate, harass, and abuse the political enemies of the president
  • Acquired personal records of reporters that happened to report news which was embarrassing to the administration
  • Is managing a massive "big data" review that is capturing and analyzing a vast majority of  information that is sent via phones and the internet
And in all of this, where are the liberals?  If this were a Republican administration that would have done all of this, there'd be massive protests, calls for impeachment, and demands for justice.    

And where are those that would speak truth to power?  There are only three possible scenarios: 1) they simply don't care 2) they're seen what this administration has done to its enemies and they're intimidated or 3) they actually agree with the actions of the administration.

And despite unconstitutional and downright criminal behavior everywhere, the president wants us to "trust."


What is happening in our country, before our very eyes, is frightening.  And very few people care...

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  1. Sadly, I am hearing the liberals begin to blame this on the GOP. I've heard one too many times that the real reason this is happening is due to the Bush campaign's Patriot Act. Yeah, hard to believe, but still it is being thrown out there.


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