Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Zach Parise - Hometown Hero. Because It's the Cup

The Minnesota Wild made it interesting, but did make it into the playoffs by winning their last game of the season.  Their reward waits for them in the form of the Chicago Blackhawks; the best team in the NHL this season.

And the Wild could not have got here without the blockbuster acquisitions of Ryan Suter and Zach Parise last off-season.  The move was designed to propel the Wild to a playoff team, and from that respect it was mission accomplished.  Suter has been a machine, logging massive ice time, racking up points, and leading the team on both the power play and penalty kill.  He's arguably the best pro defenseman to ever play in Minnesota.

And Parise?  He's absolutely the best player to ever play for the Wild.  He has a Dino Ciccarelli-like knack for being near the goal at the right time, and his hustle and work ethic are so strong that he totally stands out from all other players when on the ice.  He's a treasure, and there is no way the Wild make the playoffs without him.

Now the press for the Cup.  The one thing working in the Wild's favor is that, almost more than any other sport, hockey championships can be won by a team with lesser talent that just plain gets hot.  Yes, Chicago is daunting.  But if the Wild have desires to go anywhere in the playoffs, they'd have to face the Blackhawks sooner or later.  Stealing one from the best team in the league might be just the thing that propels the Wild on a wacky Cup run.

I know that odds are long, but you can't have a chance unless you make the playoffs.  And thanks to Zach Parise, they did just that.  

Let's see what happens next.

It's time for a hometown hero.  Because it's the cup.


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