Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Gun in the Home? A Safer Home

Why did Obama so overplay his hand on guns, when data like this exists:

He was likely reading bad data, and was obviously tainted by his liberal elite echo-chamber.  But still, a shift of this magnitude should have been hard to miss, especially for one with such renown political savvy and big data resources. 

Note this poll was taken before the Boston bombing.  I have a feeling that if one were to survey Boston residents that were locked down in their homes and asked to call the overworked and scurrying police if/when they "saw something," there would be a marked acceleration in the "safer" category.  

I simply cannot imagine being in that scenario and not having sufficient means to adequately protect myself and my family.  I'm sure that many Bostonian citizens, armed with nothing but a golf club or a kitchen knife to protect themselves through the ordeal have likely changed their tune on the personal ownership of guns.  

As have an untold amount across the nation that watched the horror in Boston unfold, and put themselves in the same position.

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