Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Changing Liberal Message, as Told by a Bumper of a Car

For the past couple of years, I have worked out at my local health club with a very nice liberal woman.  I know she's liberal from two things - 1) she always has MSNBC on the TV while she's working out, making her about 12% of their viewership and 2) her vehicle always sports some kind of liberal talking-point bumper sticker. 

Two years ago it was the "Obama/Biden" one.  Later, it was "Faux News Lies."  A year ago it was "Recall Walker."  And now, with Walker winning, what's the latest talking point?  Check it out for yourself:


Three years ago the theme was about Hope and Change®.  Ever since, it is about making her political enemies the focus of her statements. 

Maybe that's the reason why the Democratic party is in the state that it's in.  Hope and Change® is dead.  The only thing left is the hatred of the other side.

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