Sunday, June 10, 2012

2012 Bellin Run Recap

Yesterday, Mrs. YDP and I participated it the Bellin Run here in Green Bay.  The 10k is a real community event, and brought out 18,500 participants.  If you consider the volunteers involved, there were easily over 20,000 attending the event in some capacity.  While not huge by most standards, consider that Green Bay is 105,000 people, soaking wet.  That is an incredible amount of participation as a percentage of the overall population. 

This was the first time for me in participating in an organized event.  While my wife and I walked it, we still very much felt part of the bigger event.  Some things that struck me:
  • The people volunteering could not have been more nice.  Given the heat yesterday, water was critical, and if not for the friendly, smiling, and encouraging folks at the water stations, some folks would have been in real trouble. 
  • It is clear that shoes make a difference.  My usual pair, fine for doing a one or two mile walk with the dog at a leisurely pace, completely failed me in a six mile hike at a more intense rate.  My blistered soles can attest to the breakdown. 
  • While we walked what was primarily a run, I still can't help but feel embarrassed to see my time relative to those in my age bracket (and older).  Granted, I'm in better shape than I have been in a while, but I clearly have a long, long way to go relative to my peer group.  It is time to take the work out routine up a couple of notches. 
Overall, it was a great event.  Not only for my wife and me, but for Green Bay as well.

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  1. Great job Mike and Vera! I know you are older than me, but you can do it. I have just started working out and dieting and have lost almost 20 lbs, shooting for another 13 to 195. Clacko is doing the same.


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