Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Obama the Hero. Just Ask Him

In my life I’ve had the good future to meet multiple military heroes.  Men that have been awarded the Flying Cross.  The Bronze, Silver, or Gold star.  I even met a man that was awarded the Medal of Honor.  In every case, the one thing these men had in common (other than their bravery and heroics) is that they rarely to never talked about it. 


Hell, some of them I had no idea of the level of their heroism until it was called out in the obituary.   And in the rare event that they did talk about it, all they said is that they were doing their job.  They were nothing special. 

Now go to President Obama and his behavior around the Bin Laden killing.  He’s acting like a benchwarmer who never got his uniform dirty, mouthing off to the world of how good he is, standing behind giant men of the same team, men that are battered, sore, and filthy.  They did all the work, and he takes the credit. 

Obama said “go,” that’s it.  That is the extent of his testicular fortitude and his heroics.  Yet he’s acting like he’s coming off an MVP season.  It is disgusting, and like so many other incidents lately, is unbecoming of a President.

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