Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I Hate Ticketmaster

There are very few bands left that I still desire to see live but have not.  One of them are the Foo Fighters - a band I consider to be one of the last remaining true "rock bands."  So when they announced they'd be playing in nearby Milwaukee, I prepared myself for the impending ticket sale.

Unfortunately, the ticket sale coincided with my fishing vacation.  No worries though - Ticketmaster is surely sophisticated enough to have a strong mobile engagement.  I should be able to buy my ticket from the comfort of my fishing boat.

At five minutes before the appointed hour I began performing the "Ticketmaster Refresh." - continually hitting refresh on my browser screen to hopefully get in as soon as tickets released.  And right at the top of the hour I did finally get in.

I selected one ticket, best available.  I was presented with something main floor, 28th row.  OK, issue #1 - where did all of the other tickets go?  The good tickets?  You know, the tickets that will show up on reseller sites at 3-10X their face value?  It makes one wonder...

Still, I was happy with my lot - I'd been on the receiving end of much worse.  Hence, I began what ultimately was the death march that was the check out process on from a mobile device.

Ticketmaster was not optimized for mobile.  Not even close.  

As nimbly as I could in working off of an iPhone from a moving boat, I typed in my information.  Mistakes were made.  Response time was slow.  Then it happened:

A cutesy little "Sorry..." and the mediocre ticket I was so happy to be able to pay $100 for went "poof."  Right before my eyes.  Get to the back of the line, Jack...

Some day, hopefully soon, Ticketmaster will be rendered obsolete.  They do so many things incredibly bad that it is only a matter of time before they eventually go the way of the buggy whip.  And when that happens I plan on cranking up some Foo Fighters, snapping open a beer, and toasting its demise.  

I hate you, Ticketmaster.  Always have, always will. 

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