Monday, November 14, 2011

November Golf at Thornberry Creek

If you live in Green Bay and like to golf, you better be up for some adverse conditions if you want any semblance of a season. 

The photo here is taken from the green on Number 1 at Thornberry Creek yesterday.  That white thing to the left of the pin is my ball (I missed the putt and made bogey), and that other white stuff further off the green is exactly what you think it is. 

In fact, I wanted to get a round in on Saturday, but the course wasn't open as they felt there was too much snow on the ground.  So I headed out the next day, by myself on a rainy Sunday, with hopes that most sane people would have decided to stay home and watch football.  As my solo round progressed I caught three twosomes - two let me play through and I skipped past another - and I skipped playing 18 as 17 is pretty close to home and the rain had really kicked in at that point.  Giving myself a bogey for 18 gave me a 95 for the day, which is respectable given my 17 handicap and since my last round was August 27; nearly two and a half months ago. 

And I got it all done in 1 hour 45 minutes.

Given the forecast, I'm not sure there will be any other chances to get out this year, but we'll see.  Regardless of what happens, it was nice to hit the course one more time so late in the year. 

Even if there was a little snow...

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