Friday, November 4, 2011

Ellison's Bills to Help Him, Screw Everyone Else

Keith Ellison introduced two bills this week which basically eliminate the need for voters to present IDs while voting, and would require states to offer same-day registration.  According to Keith, laws that require that you show your ID when voting unfairly prevent people from voting for some reason, "These laws add up to the greatest attack on voting rights since the Jim Crow era.”


I need a license to drive.  To hunt or fish.  To drink and purchase alcohol.  To buy a firearm to take advantage of rights given to be by the Constitution.  But voting?  Nah, no need for that formality, right Keith?  Whatever you need to do to get as many votes as you can, legally or illegally, is the important thing.

Working on this, while at the same week it is announced the number of US citizens on food stamps is now over 45 million tells you all you need to know about Ellison and what is important to him. 

Nice priorities, Keith. Keep up the good fight, you're making a huge difference. 

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