Monday, October 17, 2011

The Rosebuds Concert Reivew - Lawrence University, Appleton WI

The city of Appleton and Lawrence University got a rare treat with the Rosebuds making a stop last night on their tour.  While the crowd was small (roughly 50 folks), it was appreciative for some really good music, and while the band had to fight through some sound issues for a portion of the show, the net result was a very enjoyable set. 

Front man Ivan Howard was a real force on stage, and knocked out some haunting guitar and strong vocals.  Kelly Crisp, while her microphone was too low for much of the set, added haunting vocals of her own as well as keyboards.  Her playing on "Woods" in particular was really fun.  Daniel Hart, I believe, was on violin and vocals, and while the sound of his instrument never got quite where it needed to be, his playing and singing were both outstanding and added much to the overall mix.  Finally the rhythm section (I didn't catch names and apologize) applied a great foundation.  The drummer, in particular, is a real talent. 

Some highlights from the evening:
  • "Life Like" came out great live, and was really fun to hear.  It would have been more fun to hear with a packed venue that knew the song and could sing along. 
  • Ditto with "Cape Fear."  Great song, executed very well. 
  • "Second Bird of Paradise," off of the new album, was also excellent.  Here Hart's violin carried the song. 
  • The band finished with its most recognized and successful song, "Woods."  It was an awesome way to finish an awesome evening. 
I know the Rosebuds have been opening for Bon Iver this tour, and a stop at a small college, of a small town, to a small crowd had to be disappointing.  What is it with Appleton and failing to support good music?  It was a free concert, people!  But for some of us in the audience, we appreciate them making that stop very, very much.  Personally, I would have expected to go to First Avenue and would have gladly shelled out big dollars to do so in order to see them, so last night was a real treat. 

I can't wait to see where this band goes as their talent and sound will definitely require bigger venues and bigger crowds in the future.   

Do yourself a favor and buy their music, and see them live.  Great band.

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