Saturday, October 29, 2011

Occupy Madison WI Loses Permit

Here in our new home state, the dirtbags of Occupy Madison have lost their street use permit after a nearby hotel complained of inappropriate behavior, which included public masturbation.

I kid you not.

The DFL has entered into an unholy union with the Occupy movement, only to find that the movement is being quickly inundated by anarchists, druggies, criminals, and people that live on the fringe.  The website has a nice running documentation which backs this up, and shows a side of the movement that the old-school media refuses to show.

Democrats, so desperate for anything to change their fortunes and direct attention anywhere but on their anemic economy, got into bed with these pigs, hopeful the movement would grow to become their own Tea Party.  It has grown, alright.  With the underbelly of society.  And for the independent voter sitting on the fence in Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, or any other battleground state, this condoned behavior is going to push them off that fence.  Unfortunately for the DFL, it will be on the wrong side. 

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