Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sarah Jessica Parker Does Nothing for Me

Photo by: Raoul Gatchalian/ 2010 5/25/10 Sarah Jessica Parker arrives at Th
With the release of Sex and the City 2, the movie's hype machine has been put into overdrive. Personally, I don't get any of it, but I'm clearly not their target demographic. But of all the disconnects I have, I cannot understand the infatuation of Sarah Jessica Parker and her "beauty."

Seriously? Her unhealthy, skinny frame, draped with an extensive wardrobe and the best hair and make-up money can buy create a completely unrealistic and fictional image of what a "beautiful" woman is. Call me ignorant, but I find her not only unattractive, but repugnant.

What's missing? A realistic weight and the associated curves that go with it. A beauty that can permeate through sweat pants and a t-shirt. A face that you want to kiss first thing in the morning, regardless of the lack of hair and make-up support.

The celebration of Sex and the City 2 and its star send horrible message to women, so here's one from me: Be you, because you're beautiful.

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