Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nick Punto Watch - The Tuesday Puntometer

On a cold night game of the day's double bill
We witnessed an episode that still provides thrills
Our hero started the day with a strong 1 for 3
But his presence was massive as the Orioles could see
Intimating pitchers with his girth and his stare
Our plucky third baseman made even the hardest men scared
The second game was tight and bought drama galore
The Twins needed a win, and needed to score
It was the bottom of 8 and the game still in doubt
Runners on 2nd and 3rd and only one out
When up strides our hero, the great number 8
With one swing of his bat he could seal the O's fate
Angst from O's coaching with the situation dower
The decision: walk Punto. We'll pitch to Mauer
The legend of Nick Punto did frightened the foes
And delivered a knockout without coming to blows
Was I drunk? I counted empties, but I clearly did see
They walked the league's worst 3rd baseman to pitch to the MVP
So I say congratulations and I hand it to Nick
What a great line he's now got for picking up chicks

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