Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Waconia Fire Department Calendar is Shameful

Last summer, a propane explosion took the life of a young worker at the Waconia Farm and Home Supply store. News details of the tragedy can be found here.

So imagine my shock when the doorbell rang and on our stoop we found the inaugural issue of the Waconia Fire Department with the following cover photo:

I fully understand that this was the site of the biggest episode in the Fire Department's history. Also granted, I'm sure the Farm Store wanted to thank the Fire Department for their expert performance in containing the damage and destruction.

I get it.

But, folks, a local kid died less than a year ago. My God, did his parents receive this calendar? Did his friends?

At its best, this calendar is ignorant, insensitive and classless. At its worst, it is creepy, macabre and ghoulish.

Shame on the Waconia Fire Department and shame on the Waconia Farm and Home Supply Store.


  1. FYI... Waconia farm supply donated the most money to the fire dept so they could get this picture/biggest ad on their calendar. I cannot believe you are sitting behind your computer saying a volunteer fire dept who donate their time away from family and loved ones risking their lives on a daily basis is shameful. You obviously didnt do you research when making this post. I think that your blog is disgusting and you clearly have to much time on your hands. At least these men are doing good for their community not gossiping on a blog. The waconia fire dept I know treats every call equal and doesnt glorify a tragedy on their calendar. If you didnt notice the calendar is all about advertisment. This post makes me soo mad and disapointed bc these men take this job seriously and then there are people like you who take something as simple as an advertisment picture and speculate they are glorifying a tragedy. Are you kidding me? Take a good look at yourself in your mirror today bc you are the only one on the blog that has agreed with this statement. The people of waconia actually appreciate and respect their fire dept and clearly understood the message of the calendar as strictly advertisments. Ps do you know this family? Bc I am sure they were happy and appreciative that all the men/women on the dept dropped everything they were doing to come and try to save him and the rest of the people on that sad day. Shame on you.

  2. Anon,

    Thanks for stopping by and expressing your opinion.

    Nowhere above did I say that risking their lives is shameful. Nor did I say they didn't treat a call equally or were trying to glorify a tragedy. Nor did I say they didn't take their jobs seriously, or that they shouldn't be appreciated. I said none of that.

    All I said was that it was in poor taste. That's it.

    Reread my post, and then take a deep breath.

    Thanks again for stopping.

  3. Anonymous,

    I think it is safe to say that we all love bacon.

    Thanks for posting up

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