Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Reporting on Public Speaking - What Media Bias?

Steve Sack, the Minneapolis StarTribune's resident editorial cartoonist weighs in today with an expected and tiresome knock on Sarah Palin for having crib notes on her hand.

In the mean time, President Obama, the most gifted orator since Churchill, phonetically reads and mispronounces the title "corpsman" not once but twice in a recent press conference.

The Palin example is everywhere. Obama's isn't covered. Why? Because the stories (or lack thereof) meet a media stereotype. Palin is a stupid hick that must depend on notes to say anything cogent. Obama is a brilliant, Spock-like presence who made just one tiny simple gaffe, likely because he was so exhausted from the months of working at a breakneck pace cleaning up the "mess that he inherited."

Never mind that the Commander in Chief does not know a simple title of one of his command. Never mind that the substance of what is said, as long as it is delivered so eloquently and effectively.

What media bias?

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