Friday, October 9, 2009

Barack Obama - Accolades without Accomplishments

From the "you have to be kidding me" file:

First Time magazine gives Obama a grade of "A-" on his performance thus far, then Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize.

After over a year of irrational and baseless swooning by established organizations (e.g. academics, traditional media, Hollywood, etc.) the magnitude of accolades without accomplishments has finally reached a point where a majority of the world can no longer ignore the insanity.

Here are some other awards that our esteemed leader should be winning in the near future:

  1. The 2009 Heisman Trophy
  2. Miss America
  3. American Idol
  4. The Pillsbury Bake-Off
  5. MTV Award (will Kayne West interrupt?)
  6. Olympic Gold Medal in Luge
  7. The Biggest Loser
  8. A Grammy
  9. World Poker Tour Bracelet
  10. The Westminster Dog Show

Stay tuned...

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