Sunday, October 4, 2009

Australian Pink Floyd Minneapolis Concert Review and Set List

Last Friday I attended the Australian Pink Floyd show with my wife on Friday as a birthday present to me. For those unaware, Aussie Floyd is a cover band of significant renown that attempts to recreate the lighting, sounds, and mood of a Pink Floyd concert. They've developed an significant following, as their musicianship and production are impeccable.

As you can see from the photo, I landed fabulous seats, but unfortunately we were in very close proximity to the stacks, and the volume on a number of tunes was nearly too loud.

The following is the setlist (to the best of my recollection) - please forgive me if I have things out of order or excluded:

Speak To Me
On The Run
- The first three run together on Dark Side of the Moon, and that is how they were played, and in incredible fashion.
Time - Since I was there for my birthday, the lyric of "one day closer to death" seemed appropriate.
Great Gig in the Sky - The female vocals were shared, and sent chills up your spine. Hauntingly beautiful.
Shine On You Crazy Diamond Parts 1-5 - Not my favorite tune, but well executed
Welcome To The Machine - Another one I could do without.
Pigs (Three Different Ones) - My all-time favorite Floyd song. They included background singers on the song, which I didn't like that much, but the rest of the song was incredible.
Sheep - Was hoping they'd play Dogs instead, but this was still a good treatment.
Astronomy Domine - Really old Floyd, and you needed to be a hard-core fan to enjoy.
High Hopes - A favorite from The Division Bell
Take It Back - As close to pop as Floyd ever got, but this was executed well.
Learning to Fly - Another one from the version of Floyd without Waters. I was starting to wonder where the songs from The Wall were...
Fletcher Memorial - There are only two songs from The Final Cut that I like, and this was not one of them...
Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2) - I guess they just about HAVE to do this one...
Wish You Were Here - This was done while pictures of the guys from Pink Floyd flashed on the screen. I thought that was an incredibly classy act.
One Of These Days - The bass on this one just about drove us out of the building. For those of us in front of the stacks, it was really painful.
Hey You - We finally get to The Wall
Is There Anybody Out There - Well executed
Nobody Home - Done in dramatic fashion, with the bassist playing the part of "Pink," sitting at a chair in front of the TV with the episode of Gomer Pyle playing in the background. They synchronized for the, "surprise, surprise, surprise!" perfectly. Still don't know how they did that.
Vera - Since I was attending with my wife, this was a treat.
Bring The Boys Back Home - Well executed
Comfortably Numb - The guitar solo at the end of the song completely tore the building to the ground. Garnered a well-deserved standing ovation. I'm still feeling chills from it.
Run Like Hell - This was the encore, and not one of my favorites, so I took a page out of my dad's playbook and we headed for the door a song early.

They missed some favorites, as I would have liked to hear Dogs, When the Tigers Broke Free, The Final Cut, Young Lust (really wanted to hear that one) and The Show Must Go On, but I heard an awesome set nonetheless. It was an incredible show, and one that I'd love to see again. It was a great night.

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