Friday, May 15, 2009

One Dollar Two Foot Long

You’re looking at the first fish of the day (and, subsequently, the first fish of 2009). This, ladies and gentlemen, is 24 inches of prime Minnesota walleye. As is the custom of the Gang of Four, first fish of the day wins $1 from those in the boat. Alas, the fish was too big (the slot on Leech Lake is anything less than 18” is returned to the water) but it still was fun to catch and still got me paid.

Mixed weather kept the boys from making big strides today. JT had to work and was only able to fish for an hour or so. JP and yours truly put our time in on the water – we started at 9 and finished up around 4. We got off the lake just in time before the big winds and rain came up. By the time we finished, we had boated two keepers – not a lot of fish for as long as we were out. But a good day nonetheless.

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