Monday, May 18, 2009

Leech Lake Fishing Update, Part Two

After finding good amounts a fish the night before, yesterday was a tough one. We put in significant time on the lake, but had very little to show for it.

Here’s a prime example of team morale based on the fishing action:

Despite the slow progress, we did boat a couple of fish, all above the slot. Here’s JP’s 24 ½” beauty, caught before he left in the afternoon:

Not to be outdone, JT also landed one the exact same size. Note that he’s holding it up closer to the camera to exaggerate its size. Don’t be fooled:

Personally, I boated a nice 22”, and had on a really good fish that would have likely been mid-20s, but lost him before a got a look. Regardless, I didn’t get skunked.

Speaking of skunked, here’s Web, who came up yesterday. He landed a wimpy perch for his day. There are grave doubts about the boy’s jigging skills, but we hope today he’ll be redeemed. He did end up with this fabulous hair style, combined with wearing much of his gin and tonic. Ah, the dangers of sitting in the front seat of a boat going 45 mph.

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  1. Now that is freaking Hilarious. Your best blog yet filled with probably the best photography of any of your blogs capped with a climatic finish. Bravo!

    ur fav rebel cousin


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